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Billy Cobham’s
‘The Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat’
August 1 – 6, 2016.

In this excerpt of our latest interview with Billy Cobham, he talks about his unique “The Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat” he is putting on with his band, Spectrum 40. You can learn more and register using the black button below.

Find out which contemporary music has caught Billy’s attention these days (it may shock you!). Billy also answers questions from the live chat: some of which we feature in this episode: “Does your approach differ today from forty years ago?” and, “How important is it to stay physically fit to maintain those amazing chops?” Billy Also talks about his new CD, “Billy Cobham & Frankfurt Radio Big Band.”

NOTE: Please excuse the echo/delay on Billy’s voice. The information is valuable enough to listen past it and it does subside.

Get your band face on and discover how to work better as a team with Rhythm Section Musicians!


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