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Our “Top 20” 2015 Videos!


In case you missed the posts on Facebook, here is a montage of our “Top 20” 2015 Video Countdown of videos we have curated during 2015! Our selections are ranked by our stats, including amount of video views, comments and shares by you, our Drum Talk TV fans.

To see these videos in their entirety, type “Top 20 Drum Talk TV” in the Facebook Search Field or search #Top20DTTV It is also interesting to note that two artists made it into the Top 20 TWICE (separately): Raquy Danzinger and Jared Dines, respectively.


Video Submission News & More!

Our Video Submissions will re-open via the “Contact Us” tab on February 1, 2015, so join the fun!

See more fun, inspiring drumming videos from over 100 countries around the world at facebook/DrumTalkTV/Videos and be sure to sign up for our newsletter!


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