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Dedication to Nick Menza, 1964-2016

Note from Dan Shinder and Lori Shube, Co-Executive Producers of Drum Talk TV:

Nick Menza passed away due to heart failure on May 21, 2016, while he was playing a gig with his fusion metal band near his home, at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles, CA.


We had gotten with Nick on a few other occasions for interviews and had become friends with this gentle, kind-spirited man, who was a monster on the drums…

Son of a Jazz musician, Nick made sure he had a well-rounded musical upbringing, that spread to horizons far beyond the genre of metal you may know him for. Nick had a great sense of humor, a thoughtful calm about him and loved his two sons to the ends of the Earth. There was never a time when we spoke with Nick where the subject was not kicked off with how each other’s kids are.


Nick, you will be missed dearly.


Dan & Lori


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