Kofi Baker

Just like Ginger? No way!  Kofi Baker’s personality and outlook on life is the polar opposite of his father, Ginger. Kofi joins us to talk about what he teaches at his clinics, and you’ll see clips, in the way of African music being the roots of jazz, the fundamental differences between playing jazz drums vs. rock, how his dad Ginger Baker stressed the importance of rudiments, recording over Blind Faith masters as a kid, staying clean, sober and fit, the revival of live music and improvisation, and of course, funny Dad stories – and More!


Cream Experience

Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience captures Cream’s innovative and experimental style, mood, and energy, along with the distinctive styles of each musician. The repertoire includes songs from Cream, Blind Faith, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and more.

Kofi's Website

Find out what’s new with Kofi, where you can see him live, and more!

Ginger & Kofi Duet

Father & son perform in this duet recorded at the Salisbury Equestrian Park-Parker, CO in est. early 2000. In the video, starting 3:54, it gets … well, you’ll see!

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