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AJ Pero & A-Mob

AJ Pero, as well as Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer and Mike Orlando join us at the January 2014 Bonzo Bash. This was just prior to their release of “Men of Honor” — you can feel their excitement, not only about the new album, but about this line-up.

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy updates us on the new Transatlantic album and tour, the Prog Cruise Progressive Nation at Sea, The Winery Dogs, and the Big Elf album Mike plays drums on. We also discuss YES music and the imprint it’s had on his musical sensibilities.

Will Calhoun

Will Calhoun talks with us about his latest jazz recording (Jazz=his first love), jazz drumming influences, and how he incorporates his jazz techniques into Living Colour’s music; the tie between John Bonham’s drumming & Papa Jo Jones & Max Roach; and more!

Joe Travers

Joe Travers joins us to talk about John Bonham; curating all things Frank Zappa; drumming on TV Series Soundtracks like “Black Sails” (STARZ); and great music careers other than ‘Rock Star’ like soundtracks, session work, and music education!

Ray Luzier

Ray Luzier talks to us about developing his drummer versatility, updates us on KoRn and KXM. We also get surprise visitor: Robert DeLeo from Army of Anyone, and we do our best to encourage a second album … we’ll see!

Seven Antonopoulos

Seven Antonopoulos talks to us about what makes drummers different from other musicians as a community, growing up with family support for music, what he insists his drum students learn, the Swiss music scene, how he developed his chops and set up – and more!

Gene Hoglan & Laura Christine

Gene Hoglan and his “Destroying Guitar Player” Laura Christine were paired up to play “Wearing and Tearing” by Led Zeppelin. That night Gene told us that Testament was in the writing stages, and he hints about new things from Dark Angel and Death Talk, saying, “We are working on Heavy-Ass Next Level Metal!”  Up the Irons!

Simon Wright

Simon Wright chatted with us briefly about John Bonham’s groove, and what’s going on with Dio Disciples (plus how they choose their tribute material for their popular shows) and Geoff Tate’s Queensryche.

Neil Turbin

The Ex-Anthrax and current Deathriders vocalist Neil Turbin talks to us about writing, rhythms & lyrics, and establishing a cadence, and allowing the drummer create their own interpretation.  Neil tells a cautionary tale about internet distribution & protection of your own material, and other pros and cons of technology.

Cortney DeAugustine

Cortney DeAugustine was first tonight – the first Bonzo Bash drummer to drum & sing lead vocals at the same time!  This was also her first Bonzo Bash – Yeah, this lady has talent.  She talks to us about that and more, including balancing life as a working musician, a mom, and having a child who has autism.

Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice joins us for his shortest interview ever! Fear not–Carmine’s always got something going on!  In this case, he’s got a few things starting with his new band “Rated X” with Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Watson, and Tony Franklin; Drum Wars with brother Vinny; The ROD EXPERIENCE Show (The only historical tribute to Rod and his Band); his work with Vanilla Fudge…and more!

Jimmy D'Anda

In a quickie interview with Jimmy D’Anda, we get the lowdown on the new Lynch Mob Tour, as well as Jimmy’s solo project “Ill By Design,” with Travis Brock, and yet another project called “The Hot Summers.” He’s also drumming on scores for commercials and children’s shows.  Dan and Jimmy talk about their recent involvement in April Samuels’ Breast Cancer Can Stick It Foundation Benefit Concert, with Troy Luccketta, which will be made in to a special Drum Talk TV Rockumentary to benefit the fight against breast cancer.

Glen Sobel

Glen Sobel talks to us about the new Alice Cooper album of cover tunes from the 60s- and 70s; his clinics; who he listens to when he’s not playing music, his method of giving effective drum lessons, and more!

John Hummel

John Hummel talks to us about the love for Bonzo’s style, the importance of versatility & how he’s applied his array of styles–from work with Lady Gaga, to Deep Purple’s style of early ’70’s music – and more!

Corky Laing & Matt Starr

Corky Laing and Matt Starr together again…(just kidding) at Brian Tichy’s Jan. 2014 Bonzo Bash!  They discuss drumming workout routines (Corky says it’s been 40 years and he still doesn’t have one, if that helps), John Bonham, the Bonzo Bash events and more!

Chad Szeliga

Chad Szeliga tells us about his new educational A.D.D. (kidding again) DVD, “All Day Drumming.” Lessons include rhythms from Breaking Benjamin, and his “Bruce Lee” techniques for developing his drumming dexterity … under water! You can also see another interview with Chad about his influences and being a late bloomer to drummers like John Bonham right here in our first Bonzo Bash Series from 2013.

DJ Will

DJ Will, who’s spun tracks for LA’s KNAC Rock Radio and VH1’s “That Metal Show,” joins us to talk about the event, the evolution of DJ’ing since the 1970s, and tells us what he feels is the most important Led Zeppelin CD overall.

Bill Ward

Check out Bill Ward receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Jan. 2014 Bonzo Bash. Bill is an original founding member of the band, and also performed as lead vocalist on two Black Sabbath songs; “It’s Alright” from the album Technical Ecstasy and “Swinging the Chain” from the album “Never Say Die!” ~ video by Edward Flores

Show Clips from Bonzo Bash NAMM JAMM 2014

Opening song: Brian Tichy, Celebration Day

AJ Pero – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Jon Hummel – When the Levee Breaks

Jimmy D’Anda – Misty Mountain Hop

Ray Luzier – The Song Remains the Same

Brian Tichy takes us to Kashmir

Simon Wright – Custard Pie

Glen Sobel – Four Sticks

Corky Laing – Communication Breakdown

Gene Hoglan & Laura Christine – Wearing and Tearing

Seven Antonopoulos lays down Livin Lovin Maid

Matt Starr – Whole Lotta Love for John Bonham

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