Bonzo Bash 2013 East Coast Invasion!

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Brian Tichy joins Dan to talk about the January 2014 Bonzo Bash, why he uses Natal for the shows (as many people have questioned) and of course, they talk Bonzo and drumming.

East Coast Invasion 2013 -- 23 Interviews on this page!

Drum Talk TV correspondent teams–Simon Fishburn and M. N. Kinski & John Preston, and Kenny Howard  & Jimmy Whip–brought back 23 interviews from this three day event in 2013.

You know most of these amazing performers, but here you’ll catch a glimpse of how Bonham influenced each one of these drummers during the rush of the show!

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy: What’s the one thing you would ask John Bonham? Mike was stumped … for a moment. Tune in to get his answer!  ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith–on why he enjoys the Bonzo Bash so much; he reminisces about the Bonham family being at the very first Bonzo Bash; and why John Bonham is known universally for the best grooves.   ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Dom Famularo

Dom Famularo explains John Bonham’s enduring style and popularity: “His name comes up all over the world,” says Dom. Dom says more about the ultimate passion–which is to be opened minded enough to always learn and grow.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Rod Morgenstein

Rod Morgenstein explained how John Bonham fit into Rod’s wide spectrum of influences, and the resulting journey through music. ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly, Drummer of Danzig and Type O: On the immensities of Bonham’s subtleties; The one Zeppelin song he’d sit in on if Jimmy Page asked him to…? Watch the interview — the answer may surprise you! ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Aaron Comess

Aaron Comess on what it was about John Bonham, that made such a huge impression.  Aaron paints a picture with his answer.  You’ll also learn what Aaron is up to with the Spin Doctors and other projects.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Jerry Gaskill (Interview I)

Jerry Gaskill, King’s X Drummer: One of the things he was excited about was simply playing a gig with so many talented drummers – many of whom were his idols growing up.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Corky Laing

Corky Laing on how “…there will never be another 50 years of drumming or music like we just had…” and quotes Chaz West in saying, “If John Bonham wasn’t born sixty years ago we would all be playing drums differently.”  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

JoJo Mayer

In this interview, JoJo Mayer talks about Bonham’s playing and what he created…saying “John Bonham created a template you can only do once and weaponized this style of playing.” He also talks about his new instructional work and his new pedal design.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Joe Franco

Joe Franco explained what it was about Bonham’s playing on “Communication Breakdown” that blew him away.  Joe also talks about his many other projects, including music he does for some very popular children’s TV shows!  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Nikki Glaspie

Nikki was the only female to play at Brian Tichy’s East Coast Bonzo Bash.  She tells us how she was turned on to Led Zeppelin by her father–a preacher–and how it literally changed her life! ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Matt Starr (Interview I)

Matt Starr explained that when he was a kid and saw a Led Zeppelin box set for 80 bucks, he asked his friend, “Do you think there’s four drum lessons in there?” The rest is history! ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Bobby Rondinelli

Bobby Rondinelli’s interview included bits like this one: “Bonham did more than just hit hard, he hit correctly!” ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

AJ Pero

AJ Pero: From Big Band to Fusion to Twisted Sister, it was John Bonham’s drumming that motivated him to get into Rock. He also tells a personal story about how his father did not approve at first … and how their dynamic evolved leading up to his father’s last days.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

John Hummel

John Hummel explains what Bonham’s playing meant to him as a drummer: “Everything.” From there, they discussed aspects of Bonzo’s style.  ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Zachary Alford

Zachary Alford on why John Bonham’s style is always appropriate and always relevant. This is coming from a drummer who has played with Bruce Springsteen, The B-52′s, David Bowie and more!  ~With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Ingo Marte

Ingo Marte, Drum Tech Extraordinaire, on who he would tech for, if he could choose anyone.  Ingo explains the who and why — and this coming from a guy with decades of experience including working for Will Calhoun of Living Colour.  ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Lonn Friend

Lonn Friend: Iconic music journalist and radio gem entertained us with anecdotes from his life, and interviews with musicians. In one, Lonn asked Jimmy Page, “When Bonzo died, did you know it was over?” He tells us the answer here.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Chad Szeliga

Chad’s a funny guy. He told us about how he was exposed to John Bonham “later in life.” He was in his late 20′s.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

Jerry Gaskill (Interview 2)

Jerry Gaskill: Back for another day of Bonzo Bash, Jerry spent a few minutes talking with us about seeing Bonzo with Led Zep in 1969 and what that did for him at the time as a drummer. ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Mike Orlando

Mike Orlando–guitarist from Adrenaline Mob & Shred–talked about the impact John Bonham had on him musically.  During the interview he got a surprise from bandmate (& Bonzo Basher) AJ Pero…  ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Matt Starr (Interview 2)

In Matt Starr’s second appearance at the Bonzo Bash, this time he talked about Bonham’s style..that “every song Bonzo played was a ‘groove’ song.”  ~ With Correspondent Kenny Howard

Danny Schuler

Danny Schuler says, “I have been listening to John Bonham since I was five and still can’t get it right … nobody can.” Find out why Danny believes Bonzo’s  style has been so elusive, and hear about what happened when he met Buddy Rich.  ~ With Correspondent Simon Fishburn

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