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We filmed several videos at Roland US in Los Angeles California. Product Manager Drew Armentrout takes us through many of Roland’s electronic percussion line so you can see what they have available to you.

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Roland Series Overview

Drum Talk TV joins Product Manager of ‘Everything Roland Percussion’ at Roland US in Los Angeles for an up-close look at their line. In this introduction/overview episode in the Roland Series, Drew talks about the history of Roland and the pioneering they did in the beginning stages of what has now become a HUGE market: Electronic Percussion.

Roland Triggers

In episode two of our Roland Percussion Series, we get a close-up look at all the different types of triggers Roland has to offer. Product Manager Drew Armentrout runs through each product, and discusses each application and price point. This includes Roland’s BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, RT-10 Acoustic Trigger, TM2-Trigger Module, and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal.


Roland Hybrid Fun

In episode three of our visit to Roland US Headquarters, Product Manager Drew Armentrout shows us everything in their percussion world. In this episode, Dan sits down at a hybrid kit with the Octopad,a couple BT-1 Bar Triggers, An RT-10 Trigger on a DW Snare and Bass Drum, a separate stand-alone KT-10 Kick Trigger and trigger sounds being generated by the TM-2 Trigger Module. You will get a sample as Dan discovers some of the 100’s and 100’s of sounds available, even in this small configuration.

Roland Percussion Pads

In this episode four of our series with Roland, Product Manager Drew Armentrout introduces us to two products: The first is the SPD-SX Sampling Pad, a unique sampling-pad concept — currently the only instrument of its kind in the world; the other is the HandSonic HPD-20, with 850 dynamic, ready-to-play sounds, plus the ability to import your own custom sounds via USB flash memory – and more!

The Roland RMP-12

In this fifth installment of our Roland Series, Product Manager Drew Armentrout shows us the The Roland RMP Rhythm Coach. The RMP-12 is a revolutionary instrument for marching percussion. The new RMP-12 brings an exciting new dimension of portable sound and expression, with its tension adjustable mesh drum head and integrated V-Drums sound module loaded with hundreds of instantly-selectable instruments and sound effects.

Roland Drum Kits

In this episode six of our series with Roland, Product Manager Drew Armentrout talks about the various drum kits Roland makes in all segments of pricing. Dan takes the Roland TD-15KV for a spin through some of the sound-scapes, and comments on the ease of playability afforded due to the mesh heads. This particular kit has 500 sounds – and sounds great!

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