Drummers Against Kidney Disease

1 in 10 people worldwide have the life-threatening Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)–most don’t even know they have it!  Here’s the story of a fellow drummer with advanced CKD–from Mercury Poisoning (coming from mercury-laden fillings in his teeth), who may soon need a kidney transplant–besides emergency dialysis.  So he’s started a crowdfunding effort to get the help he needs–with Help, Hope, Live (see link under video).


Not only that, you’ll hear from Troy Luccketta of Tesla and April Samuels of Metal Shop, Dallas (Troy’s: ASongForWellness.org; April’s: BreastCancerCanstickIt.org) – they’re here to share with you how they built their foundations, along with some ways to use & set up platforms to raise funds for emergency medical treatment, or preventative wellness, or…for any other reason where you need or offer support.


Help Hope Live Campaign

Learn About Chronic Kidney Disease

James's Page

Please check out the interview, and if you can, make a contribution to help James Michael McLester. While you are there, you can learn how to put a similar fundraising campaign together – you never know when it may come in seriously handy.

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