Stanton Moore

Filmed at Stanton Moore’s “The Spirit of New Orleans” Drum Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada with a live audience, Stanton joins us on Drum Talk TV to talk about his HUGE remote bass drum, the topic of rearranging your kit and trying different heads and tuning tips; Dan and Stanton geek-out on gear (also talking about micing techniques and customizing double pedal connector rods–which he learned from Terry Bozzio).

Stanton also talks about the sound of Galactic, the construction of drums. Stanton breaks down the New Orleans style of music and how it fits between “straight and swing,” and in doing so, gives the most comprehensive breakdown of John Bonham’s approach to drumming that we have ever heard! Stanton also talks about his Ronn Dunnett Titanium 4 ½” snare with a cool demonstration! Dan jams with Stanton and then everyone in the room plays!


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