Tribute to Neil Peart for His Birthday!


Hi everyone, and thank you for joining me on this celebration of Neil Peart on his birthday! Like many of you, Neil Peart’s drumming, lyrics and the music of Rush was not only a huge influence on me musically, but was also a part of the soundtrack to my life going as far back as 1976. I will play some gems and deep cuts and invite you to join in the conversation with me and each other via the comments as we talk about tours we saw, our favorite albums, songs, things we learned to emulate – anything! Let’s keep it fun, play nice, and no arguing burping or farting! Actually, burping and farting is OK—I will try to limit that on my end. Let’s remember Neil for not only an amazing drummer, but one of the most revered lyricists and authors in music! You can see an article by my son/DTTV staffer Steven Shinder here, which dives into many of Neil’s golden nuggets of though-provoking storytelling:


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