Brandon Cruz, SFCPA

Every community should have a Music Education organization like this!


Brandon Cruz founded the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts and we joined him at his beautiful facility for this interview. Brandon talks about the joys of learning music, why and how he founded SFCPA, having A-List artists and educators participate in his programs, for the community, his biggest surprise success and biggest challenges in doing so.


Brandon also talks about the unquantifiable value of seeing artists put on a master class in person vs. a common state of affairs in music ed where kids — people — are conditioned and desensitized to the human element by too often getting sucked into the YouTube Syndrome. Providing the human element is exactly why Brandon perpetuates what the SFCPA is all about. Brandon also offers two of the biggest pieces of advice from his experience for those who wish to create such a facility in their community.


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