Frankie Banali

Presented as four two-part mini episodes, Frankie’s interview is one of the BEST examples of how you can learn from interviews with Drum Talk TV guests and apply them to your drumming and your career.

In this first clip Frankie talks about the keys to Quiet Riot’s 30-year reign in the music world, as well as what the Internet has done for being able to reach a wider audience, as well as accessibility to influential videos.

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In this clip, Frankie talks about being the manager of Quiet Riot for the last 20 years and also has great advice for musicians to view their music as a “Business!”

In this clip, Frankie tells how he prepares moments before downbeat of every show and talks about his killer Canopus Drum Sound. This interview includes a couple samples of his band Acid For Blood, demonstrating the huge drum sound he got in the studio for their debut album, “Out for Blood.”

In this fourth clip, Frankie breaks down the heads he uses and explains his tuning–which is actually influenced by Jazz–the result of his father introducing him to Jazz when he was very young.  Frankie also talks about his love for animals and why he is such a big advocate for Adopt Don’t Shop.

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