Ed Francis

Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Here’s a special Drum Talk TV episode with 40 kids on drums–at the “Shake Rattle & Roll” Event put on by Ed and Kim Francis, in Round Rock, Texas.  Find out about Ed’s secret ingredients to his success with his students and members of the special needs community – who you will see bring THEIR magic to their screen as well!

These kids also put on an amazing performance as a drum kit orchestra with additional kids on snare drums. Ed truly embodies what a genuine “Drum Coach” is in the way he works with his students, as well as members of the special needs community.  You need not be a drummer for this episode to lift your day!

Fun Preview


This is a preview of the Drum Talk TV Special we filmed in Round Rock, Texas with Master Educator, Ed Francis of Round Rock Drums. The interview includes a performance with many of Ed’s students: over 20 youngsters playing together on drum sets! Ed is a Drum Coach who not only gives one-on-one lessons to students of all ages, but routinely puts on programs like this and includes members of the special needs community – and wait until you see THEM play!

This special episode was sponsored by Phoenix Drum Company and Carmichael Throne Company.


Full Episode Below!

Full Episode

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