Ray Luzier

Alan Kenny Interviews Ray Luzier and gets an exclusive tour of Ray’s new kit for the current 2015 tour. Then Ray guest hosts as he interviews his tech “Catfish” on how the new kit was developed. Ray also explains why he uses a double pedal with a “dummy” bass drum, as so many biggies do these days, including Glen Sobel, Deen Castronovo and more.


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Ray Luzier 2015 Kit Tour

In this 2nd interview, Alan Kenny talks with Ray Luzier about how he prepares before each show and what every drummer needs to know; The welcoming of Brian Head Welch back into Korn, Ray’s take on the new Korn album, a break-down of his home studio kit, why he places the China cymbal up high in the middle and playing a double-stroke roll on a hanging curtain – and MORE!


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Ray on the new Korn Album

Join Alan Kenny as Ray Luzier talks with him about his career, from being a self-taught drummer, to teaching at PIT, playing in Korn — including a clip of his audition; playing in Army of Anyone, and many other musical ventures, including his newest project, KXM with George Lynch and Dug Pinnick — and much More!

Below: from Korn to KXM

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