Resto-Gear Episode 2 (Episode 1 is below)


Roto-Toms, fixing discolorations & pitted parts–plus apply custom finishes.

In this episode from our Resto-Gear Series, Drum & Percussion Collector Mark Temperato gives a little history lesson on Roto-Toms, as well as walks you through a DIT restoration project. Learn how to breathe new life into your Roto-Toms and other gear in this series, including applying custom finishes to alloy materials.

Resto-Gear Episode 1


Get Rid of Cowbell Crud and Cymbal Goo


In this introductory episode of our new series, host Mark Temperato shows you how to take an old beat-up cowbell and make it like new again. He also shows you how to get rid of those pesky bar code stickers on the underside of cymbals, without doing any damage to your instrument.

About our Resto Gear Series – Hosted by Mark Temperato

Mark (also known as RevM) knows a thing or two about gear–he’s been in the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s multiple times for the world’s largest drum set. He has spent 40 years collecting over 900 pieces of gear to build his setup!

Stay tuned for this monthly series – learn how to refresh, update, refurbish, and get the most out of old instruments that you have!

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