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About Drum Talk TV

We’re very driven to provide a great experience for our audience, from all walks of life, who love everything about drums—to create a lasting contribution to the drumming community.

Drum Talk TV - About Us

The Drum Talk TV Experience…established in 2013.


At Drum Talk TV, we started out to change the world—and in the process, we made our collective corner of drummers, musicians, and music lovers a little bit better…by reaching out to, and showcasing, drummers from more than 100 countries!


A few years ago, Dan was looking for that online experience that brought drummers, musicians, and music lovers together for a little bit of everything of interest. What he found was a very fragmented environment: each online platform offered a part of this experience—education, articles and some videos, or a discussion board on autopilot–all places where you could do one thing, but not another, and certainly not in a cohesive, seamless, inclusive experience.

We’re passionate about drummers and percussionists from all genres, cultures, capabilities, and perspectives.


Since January of 2013, Drum Talk TV has been producing and publishing insightful interviews in the world of drumming. From the legends to the loony; from stars to students; from spectacle to the sublime; from information to inspiration…we’ve built the largest online education and entertainment community focused on the drumming culture and lifestyle (our reach on Facebook alone averages 20 million people per month–of our target market–made up of drummers, musicians, and music fans. 55% of this audience is in the USA. About 1 million people per week interact with our content there.) We did this with only a handful of volunteers and a ton of sweat equity and passion.


In mid-2014, we started to receive what soon became an avalanche of fan- and fan-curated videos that passionate fans want us to share with the world. They told us that they’d submitted to other ‘crowdsourced’ platforms, only to get lost in the material; so no-one really benefited for more than a few hours. We responded by publishing, storytelling, promoting, and encouraging discussion on each of the pieces we publish.


Now, each month we receive thousands of videos from more than 100 countries, in every conceivable genre, style, personal ability, performance level, and more, which we have been sharing with viewers everywhere. We’ve been introducing these ‘hidden gems’ from all over the world; these are extensions of the culture of music which our viewers may not otherwise ever see, or learn about. It’s a new way of connecting across our planet—a new way for us to learn what’s going on in, and what comes from, other worlds, capabilities, resources…We encourage discussion and exchange in a positive way (our community is comprised of all ages, genders, cultures…etc.), and we cultivate a variety of insight and opinions.


Drum Talk TV Interviews

In the beginning, Dan covered the Winter NAMM Show, interviewing artists such as Tommy Aldridge, Nicko McBrain, Gavin Harrison and many more, along with dozens of makers of great gear. We now have covered 4 Winter NAMM Shows, have interviewed 100s of artists, educators and makers of gear, covered several other events and have produced a handful of documentaries, and have much more on the way that has already been filmed.

You can See fun, inspiring drumming videos from these 100+ countries around the world in our Facebook video collection and learn how you can submit a video for us to consider for publishing on our Video Submissions page.

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