Troy Luccketta

Troy Luccketta of Tesla–talks recording, ProTools, Saville Row, and more!

In this interview, Troy talks about early influences, as well as new; Working with Producer Tom Wagner on the latest Tesla Record, recording the group live, with Jeff singing scratch lead vocals and not quantizing or anything one would normally do with ProTools, but simply using it as a recording device. Troy said this helped capture the spirit of the band that may not otherwise have been reflected on the record. He also goes on to outline Tesla’s schedule all the way through 2016 and how this has been an incredible help to plan all the session work he does – and time with family.

Troy also tells us what’s happening with his new band Saville Row, with Marc Bonilla, Travis Davis and Mika Greiner — and gives us his perspective looking back on 30 years of musicianship, including what it’s like being a grandfather – and more!

Catch the other interviews below – and you’ll find links to Troy’s non-profit wellness project, Tesla The Band, and another of his favorite causes, Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation

Two more interviews below!

Check out Troy Luccketta in his first Drum Talk TV interview right from Tesla’s stage!

You will get a tour of Troy’s kit, hear about how he gets his sound, and some of the projects he has worked on outside of Tesla, including working with Keith Emerson’s Three Fates Project with a philharmonic orchestra, working with Blue Grass and Country artists and about Troy’s Foundation and more!

Here's Troy in the trailer for Breast Cancer Can Stick It Foundation.

Troy was a special guest Oct. 2013 (and also 2014) at April Samuels’ Breast Cancer Can Stick It event. Check out the trailer for the Drum Talk TV Special Documentary episode with interviews and show clips, featuring April, Troy, Jimmy D’Anda and Dan Shinder.


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