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AJ Pero, as well as Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer and Mike Orlando join us at the January 2014 Bonzo Bash. This was just prior to their release of “Men of Honor” — you can feel their excitement, not only about the new album, but about this line-up.


John and Mike are very pleased to welcome AJ, telling us how much they appreciate his work laying back for 30 years on and off in Twisted Sister keeping the beat in the pocket — and they say we’ll see and hear a whole new drummer showing off chops most never knew he had. AJ also gives a rundown of his gear and you get a peek at his kit.

Sadly, since this interview, the band was involved in a serious accident on the road and all their equipment was destroyed, but amazingly, there were no serious injuries. Check their Facebook page or Twitter for updates.

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