Yamaha Drum Sets

Daryl Anderson, Designer for Yamaha Drum Sets, joins Dan at NAMM 2014 for the inside scoop on how Yamaha goes from concept to market, and what makes Yamaha…well…Yamaha!

Daryl also gives us a glimpse of  how it works when Yamaha collaborates with artists for the development of their drum set products, both acoustic and electric.

Here are some Yamaha artists:

  • Tommy Aldridge
  • Zachary Alford
  • Rick Allen
  • Veronica Bellino
  • Matt Cameron
  • Terri Lyne Carrington
  • Carter Beauford

  • Anton Fig
  • Aaron Comess
  • Steve Gadd
  • Billy Cobham
  • Russ Kunkel
  • Kenny Jones
  • Felix Pollard


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