Phoenix Drum Co.

Phoenix Drum Company is featured in this NAMM 2014 edition of our Sprockets and Cogs series. Learn all about the new innovations available to musicians from PDC as President Philip Gelb talks about the custom options available, their patented “Ghost Port,” which gives Phoenix Drum Company their unique sound and a revolutionary, ergonomically designed bilateral bass drum pedal available as a double or singles for left- and right-footed drummers.

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Ghost Port for Fat Rich Sound

PDC-Orange-Pearl-Lambo-GhostportThree years in the making, Ghost Port is one of Phoenix Drum Company’s signature features.  Philip Gelb wanted to get rid of unwanted overtones & ringing in the drum when he played live, or in the studio.  He first started experimenting with the Ghost Port in his snare drums.  Then he expanded his experiment to his woods, toms, bass drums, and finally the floor toms.

With the Ghost Port, you don’t have to use pillows, foam, gels, or tape–or your wallet–they’re meant to be played wide open, the way acoustic drums were made to be played.  The drums are easy to play, easy to mic, and great live or in studio.

All PDC drums leave the factory with Kickport (Kickport International) in them, but when you combine Ghost Port with KickPort, you get a richer, fatter sound.

Off-set BiLateral Bi-Symmetrical Double Bass Drum Pedal

PDC-Offset-Evolution-1Newly patented PDC OFF-SET Bi-Lateral Bi-Symmetrical Bass Drum Pedals from the PDC factory.  They work really well, are very comfortable with an even feel; they’re fast, and great for your spine.  It puts you, the drummer, in the center of the drum kit–where we all belong.

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